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Astounding science-fiction (suite)

Dessin de Rogers pour "Second Stage Lensman" (part 3) de E.E. Smith

Astounding janvier 1942

Kinnison invades the Base planet of the Second Galaxy single-handed

Dessin de Kolliker pour " The Sorcerer of Rhiannon" de Leigh Brackett

Astounding février 1942

They had ways of surviving, on ancient Mars, that carried over to tangle and twist the lives of three people of a race alien to thir age, their planet, their whole scheme of thing

Dessin de F. Kramer pour "There Shall be Darkness" de C.L. Moore

Astounding février 1942

Earth Empire was crumbling and the captain knew it as he was ordered back, with the last of the troops stationed on Venus. The last civilization of the Solar System was falling into eternal darkness, as Mars and Jupiter had before it. And Venus could not be roused.

Dessin de Rogers pour "Recruiting Station" de A.E. Van Vogt

Astounding mars 1942

They Recruited with a time machine across twenty thousand years of human history. "Men Wanted" their sing read; if it was a station set up in an era of peace, it was for work, so they said. But it led to the greatest war of all time.

Dessin de Orban pour "Runaround" de Isaac Asimov

Astounding mars 1942

A robot must react to orders, but must, on the other hand, have sense enough to disobey if the order would destroy it. But that can lead to a most embarrasing sort of situation, when a robot gives its owners a handsome runaround !

Dessin de Schneeman pour "Co-Operate or Else !" de A.E. Van Vogt

Astounding avril 1942

It's perfectly possible for men to live among a civilized, highly intelligent race and not know it ! Particularly if that race doesn't believe in the slightest in co-operation.

Dessin de Rogers pour "Beyond this Horizon" de Anson Mac Donald (Robert Heinlein)

Astounding avril 1942

The Theme is old-controlled heredity. But in a way only Mac Donald could achieve, thi two-part novel presents a full-view picture of the world that would result from such a change in human life !

Dessin de Schneeman pour "Asylum" de A.E. Van Vogt

Astounding mai 1942

Wherein is presented a lovely notion, that we live on a reservation, watched over by morons, since meeting normal members of the Watcher's race would be fatal

Dessin de Schneeman pour "Bridle and Saddle" (Foundation story) de Isaac Asimov

Astounding juin 1942

Given : a Foundation with much knowledge, much skill and no military resources. And a whole series of plotting, ambitious planets to attack it. How can the few, the weak, but the wise men of the Foundation rule, as they must if they would not die ?

Dessin de Orban pour "Collision Orbit" de Will Stewart (Jack Williamson)

Astounding juillet 1942

Introducing a new author and a fascinating idea : the control and use of "seetee", contraterrene matter. Science-fiction's discussed the danger of meteors; astronomers are pretty certain there are very many contraterrene meteors. How about the danger from those !

Dessin de Orban pour "Waldo" de Anson MacDonald (Robert Heinlein)

Astounding août 1942

They Called them "broomsticks" because the aircars were practically invisible, except for a drive shaft and the passengers. It was bad, though, when they began failing for no known reason. But scientists went off the deep end when a hex doctor made their broomsticks fly again !

Dessin de Kolliker pour "Barrier" de Anthony Boucher

Astounding septembre 1942

If time travel is, or ever will be possible in all time to come, why haven't time travelers appeared ? Maybe this famous detective story writer has ferreted out the complete and reasonable solution !

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