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IF Worlds of Science-Fiction (suite)

Dessin de Kelly Freas pour "The Victor" de Bryce Walton

IF mars 1953

Under the new system of the Managerials, the fight was not for life but for death! And great was the ingenuity of "The Victor".

Dessin de Emsh pour "Derelict" de Alan E. Nourse

IF mai 1953

What was the mystery of ,this great ship from the dark, deep reaches of space ? For, within its death-filled chambers, was the avenue of life!

Dessin de Ed Valigursky pour "Jupiter Five" de Arthur C. Clarke

IF mai 1953

A captivating new story, by the author of "The Exploration of Space", in which a stubborn archeologist and an equally stubborn magazine reporter get delightfully involved with five million years of culture and that old adage about possession being nine-tenths of the law.

Dessin de Kelly Freas pour "Brink of Madness" de Walt Sheldon

IF juillet 1953

C.I.B. Agent Pell used his head, even if he did rely on hunches more than on the computer. In fact, when the game got rough, he found that to use his head, he first had to keep it....

Dessin de Emsh pour "Irresistible Weapon" de H.B. Fyfe

IF juillet 1953

There's no such thing as a weapon too horrible to use; weapons will continue to become bigger and deadlier. Like other things that can't be stopped...

Dessin de Virgil Finlay pour "Sjambak" de Jack Vance

IF juillet 1953

Wilbur Murphy sought romance, exitement, and an impossible Horseman of Space. With polite smiles, the planet frustated him at every turn, until he found them all the hard way!

Dessin de Joseph R. Eberle pour "The Trouble with Bubbles" de Philip K. Dick

IF septembre 1953

Alexander Pope wrote, "Atoms or systems into ruin hurled, and now a bubble burst, and now a world." He died in 1872, but poets are sometimes the prophets!

Dessin de Emsh poue "A Case of Conscience" de James Blish

IF septembre 1953

Rarely, if ever, has science fiction plumbed so deeply and with such sensitivity the depths of human thoughts and emotions as in this case. For here, Earthman's vote has a direct effect upon the future of a planet, their own culture and the universe itself.

Dessin de Kelly Freas pour "Where There's Hope" de Jerome Bixby

IF novembre 1953

The women had made up their minds, and nothing, repeat, nothing could change them. But something had to give...

Dessin de Kelly Freas pour "The Custodian" de William Tenn

IF novembre 1953

Remember the story of the last man on Earth who heard a knock on his door? Fiyatil was in the same position, with the difference that he had chosen it deliberately. And when the "knock", an alarm bell came, that was different too...

Dessin de Emsh pour "The First Day of Spring" de Mari Wolf

IF juin 1954

Here is a love story of two young people who met under the magic of festival time. One was Trina, whose world was a gentle make-believe Earth. The other was Max, handsome spaceman, whose world was the infinite universe of space...

Dessin de Paul Orban pour "The Colonists" de Raymond F. Jones

If historical precedent be wrong, what qualities, then, must man possess to succesfully colonize new worlds? Doctor Ashby said :"There is no piece of data you cannot find, provided you can devise the proper experimental procedure for turning it up" Now, about the man and the procedure...

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