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INFINITY science fiction

Dessin de Giunta pour "The Star" d'Arthur C. Clarke

Infinity novembre 1955

A Magnificent Race Has Died in that Nova. The Enigma was : Why ?

Dessin de Engle pour "The Sickness" de William Tenn

Infinity novembre 1955

The Expedition Was Earth's Last Hope and its Members Were Victims of an Incurable Malady

Dessin de Emsh pour "Death in Transit" de Jerry Sohl

Infinity juin 1956

There Was One, and Only One, Thing Clifton Could Do. Even so, He Made the Worst of 100 Possible Choices !

Dessin de Emsh pour "The Guests of Chance" par Charles Beaumont & Chad Oliver

Infinity juin 1956

It Was Time for a Change, All Right, but it was the Administration, Not the Voters, Who Wanted it !

Dessin de Emsh pour "The World in the Juke Box" par Edward Wellen

Infinity août 1956

An Opaque Horizon Separated Them. Bork, the Primitive Genius Groping for Freedom, and Dot, the Sophisticated Beauty Groping for What ?

Dessin de Engle pour "The Big Fix" de Richard Wilson

Infinity août 1956

As a Drug, Uru was a Junkie's Dream. As a Planet, Uru was Paradise. But Combined, the Two  Become a Living Hell !

Dessin de Emsh pour "The Indigestible Invaders" par Damon Knight

Infinity octobre 1956

The Aliens weren't really Aliens, the Hated Violence, and their Motives were Highly Moral. Which Made the Invasion Unique, uniquely deadly, that is!

Dessin de Emsh pour "Detour to the Stars" de James Blish

Infinity décembre 1956

Stick Close to your Math and Never Go to Space, and tou May Become Captain of an Interstellar Ship, with a Destination Like the Inside of an Atom

Dessin de Orban pour "Alone At Last"  par Robert Sheckley

Infinity février 1957

They All Insisted that Only a Madlan Could Exist Alone on an Asteroid. Well, He Did Prove they Were Wrong...

Dessin de Bowman pour "Three-Cornered Knife" de Kenneth Bulmer

Infinity février 1957

He Had Two Assignments, to Protect and Kill the Same Man, with Death as the Penalty if he Failed Either !

Dessin de Engle pour "Let's Get Together" de Isaac Asimov

Infinity février 1957


Dessin de Emsh pour "Hunt the Hog of Joe" de Robert Ernest Gilbert

Infinity février 1957

The Hog was Deadly Dangerous and Virtually Invulnerable, but Planet Maggie's Weird Laws were what Made the Hunt Really Tough

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