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Astounding science-fiction (suite)

Dessin de Orban pour "Seetee Shock" (Part 1) de Will Stewart

Astounding février 1949

Trouble with "seetee" - contraterrene matter - was inevitable. But an engineer could handle that; it was trouble with man that meant death. And this is the story of a man already killed, yet fighting his murderers !

Dessin de Cartier pour "Throwback" de L. Sprague de Camp

Astouding mars 1949

It's nice to be a strong man -or ain't it ? He ha d a strong back , a good disposition , and was automatically assumed to be a little weak on intellect !

Dessin de Cartier pour "The Undecided" de Eric Frank Russell

Astounding avril 1949

They'd never succeeded in trapping an Earth-ship before; now they had one they found it distinctly hard to handle. And, worst of all, the intelligence of Earth were incomprehensible !

Dessin de Orban pour "Mother Earth" de Isaac Asimov

Astounding mai 1949

The logic of empire building as always in the past led to the decline of the mother country and the rise of the colonies. Now in the future, things will be - different or not !

Dessin de Brush pour "The Green Forest" de A.E. Van Vogt

Astounding juin 1949

The true value of those strange beasts of the Green Forest of the Mira world was something Mankind couldn't reveal - even to the hunters who must captured them !

Dessin de Quackenbush pour "Agent of Vega" de James H. Schmitz

Astounding juillet 1949

A new author points out that, in an inhabited galaxy, trouble can grow to enormous size before any organization becomes aware that danger's a-brewing

Dessin de Rogers pour "The Queen of Zamba" (part 1) de L. Sprague de Camp

Astounding août 1949

DeCamp's first postwar novel - a tale of a detective on a really long range mission - to bring home the self-made Queen of Zamba


Dessin de Orban pour "The Double-Dyed Villains" de Poul Anderson

Astounding september 1949

E.E. Smith suggested one way of maintening peace in the Galaxy. But there might be another, equally effective method

Dessin de Brush pour "The Aristocrat" de Chan Davis

Astounding octobre 1949

Elder Stevan ha a job to do - a hard, thankless task for a man born sick in a sick world. And it was doubly hard to see which way progress lay - for either side !

Dessin de Rogers pour "...And Now you Don't" (part 1) de Isaac Asimov

Astounding novembre 1949

It was an inevitable - but not quite inescapable conflict. The First Foundation HAD to find the Second Foundation; the Second Foundation HAD to prevent it - or die !

Dessin de Rogers pour "...And Now you Don't"(part 1) de Isaac Asimov

Astounding novembre 1949

Dessin de Rogers pour "...And Now you Don't" (part 2) de Isaac Asimov

Astounding décembre 1949

It can't be seen and must be found - with one small girl and a few bold men to seek the menace.

Dessin de Rogers pour " Gulf"(part 2) de Robert A. Heinlein

Astounding décembre 1949

Superman they might be, super criminals perhaps - but the game they played neant the thin edge of death fot them and life for a world


Dessin de Rogers pour "The Witches of Karres" (part 1) de James H. Schmitz

Astounding décembre 1949

Dessin de Rogers pour "The Witches of Karres" (part 1) de James H. Schmitz

Astounding décembre 1949

This is true science fiction about three real witches who cast curses and perform magic. And it's a delightfull little yarn !

Dessin de Rogers pour "...And Now you Don't" (part 3) de Isaac Asimov

Astounding janvier 1950

For stability, the Foundation had to find and extirpate the Second Foundation. For success, the Second Foundation had to let them ! And for survival, the Second Foundation couldn't permit it, of course !

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