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IF Worlds of Science-Fiction

Dessin de ? pour "Twelve Times Zero de Howard Browne

IF mars 1952

It was a love-triangle murder that made today's headlines but the answer lay hundreds of thousands of light years away !

Dessin de ? pour "Infinity's Child" de Charles Van de Vet

IF mai 1952

"You must kill Koski", the leader said. "But I'll be dead before I get there", buckmaster replied. "What's that got to do with it?" the leader wanted to know

Dessin de Bob Martin pour "Jungle in the Sky" de Milton Lesser

IF mai 1952

The hunters wanted animals that lived on far Ganymede, though not as badly as the animals wanted the hunters.

Dessin de Bob Martin pour "Robots of the World! Arise!" par Mari Wolf

IF juillet 1952

What would you do if your best robots, children of your own brain, walked upand said "We want union scale"?

Dessin de ? pour "Let my People Go" de Walter Miller, Jr.

IF juillet 1952

How can we possibly amount to much when our fathers were sold at auction a scant five thousand years ago?

Dessin de Wilson pour "Shock Treatment" de Stanley Mullen

IF septembre 1952

"I'll give you the cure for the most horrible disease", Songeen said. "The sickness of life itself." Newlin replied, "Fine. But first, give me a couple of minutes to kill your husband. Then we'll go on from there".

Dessin de Bob Martin pour "The Beautiful People" de Charles Beaumont

IF septembre 1952

Mary was a misfit. She didn't want to be beautiful. And she wasted time doing mad things, like eating and sleeping.

Dessin de Bob Martin pour "Let There Be Light" de Horace B. Fyfe

IF novembre 1952

No matter what the future, one factor must always be reckoned with, the ingenuity of the human animal.

Dessin de Tom Beecham pour "Check and Checkmate" de Walter Miller, Jr.

IF janvier 1953

Victory hinges not always on the mightiest sword, but often on lowly subterfuge. Here is a classic example, with the Western World as stooge !

Dessin de Virgil Finlay pour "The Rotifers" de Robert Abernathy

IF mars 1953

Beneath the Stagnant water shadowed by water lilies Harry found the fascinating world of the rotifers, but it was their world, and they resented intrusion.

Dessin de Tom Beecham pour "The Sword" de Frank Quattrochi

IF mars 1953

There were but three days in which to decipher the most cryptic message ever delivered to earth.

Dessin de Emsh pour "Deadly City" de Ivar Jorgenson

IF mars 1953

You're all alone in a deserted city. You walk down an empty street, yearning for the sight of one living face, one moving figure. Then you see a man on acorner and you know your terror has only begun.

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