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INFINITY science fiction (suite)

Dessin de Emsh pour "The Martian Shore" de Charles L. Fontenay

Infinity avril 1957

Shaan made the Longest Crawl in History to avoid crawling before tyrants !

Dessin de Emsh pour "Deeper Than The Darkness" de Harlan Ellison

Infinity avril 1957

Controlled, his Weird Power Might have been a Blessing uncontrolled, it Made his Life a Literal, Flaming Hell!

Dessin de Emsh pour "Even Stephen" de Charles A. Stearns

Infinity juillet 1957

It Only Takes One Man to Destroy a Pacifist Utopia if he Has a Gun, and Will Use It!

Dessin de Schoenherr pour "The Burning World" de Algis Budrys

Infinity juillet 1957

Can the Battle for Freedom Ever Be Won as long as some Men Still Want to Fight it?

Dessin de Engle pour "The Show Must Go On" de Henry Slesar

Infinity juillet 1957

Actors Wanted : Experience Unnecessary, Salary Excellent, Life Expectancy Brief...

Dessin de Orban pour "Survival Factor" de Charles Van de Vet

Infinity septembre 1957

They Were trapped on a Viciously Primitive Planet, by an Electronic Bloodhound That Was viciously Unpredictable!

Dessin de Emsh pour "Dio" de Damon Knight

Infinity septembre 1957

In a World of Immortals, Could Anyone Really Understand What it Meant to Die? And Could Any Woman Truly Love the One Man Who Was Dying ?

Dessin de ? pour "Formula For Murder de Lee Gregor

Infinity novembre 1957

It's Easy to Get Away With Murder : Just Prove Insanity. But Make Sure You Hide the Method in Your Madness!

Dessin de Emsh pour "The General and the Axe" de Gordon R. Dickson

Infinity novembre 1957

New Earth Was Dying because It Wanted To! An Unusual Novelet

Dessin de Orban pour "Death Scene" de Clifford D. Simak

Infinity octobre 1957

The New Way was, of course, much better than the Old,. It Just Took some Getting used to, That was All...

Dessin de John Schoenherr pour "Second Census" de John Victor Peterson

Infinity octobre 1957

Quintuplets Alone Would Be Bad Enough, Without a Census Taker Who Count Them in Advance !

Dessin de John Schoenherr pour 'The Statistomat Pitch" de Chan Davis

Infinity janvier 1958

The Poduct  Looked Okat, and the Salesman was Sharp....Dangerously Sharp !

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