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1950 - N° 13
Couverture de M. Isip

The Love-Slave and the Scientists ["The Body-Masters"] • Frank Belknap Long • ss 
The Cave • Beatrice Grimshaw • ss
The Forgotten Planet [*John Hanson] • Sewell Peaslee Wright • nv 
The Curious Case of Norton Hoorne • Ray Cummings • ss 
The Power and the Glory • Charles W. Diffin 
He Walked by Day • Julius Long • ss
Original Sin • S. Fowler Wright • ss 
The Thing that Walked on the Wind • August Derleth • ss 
Raiders of the Universes • Donald Wandrei • nv 
The House of Shadows • Mary Elizabeth Counselman • ss 
The Ship of Silence • Albert Richard Wetjen • ss 
The Street That Wasn't There • Clifford D. Simak & Carl Jacob

1950 - N° 14
Couverture de R. Crowl

Temptress of the Tower of Torture and Sin ["The Voice of El-Lil"] • Robert E. Howard • 
Ylla ["I'll Not Look for Wine"] • Ray Bradbury • ss
The Three Eyed Man [*Tubby] • Ray Cummings
The Cave of the Invisible • James Francis Dwyer
Guard in the Dark • Allison V. Harding • ss 
The Still Small Voice • Clive Jackson • vi 
The Curse of Yig  • Z. B. Bishop • ss
The Yeast Men • David H. Keller, M.D. • nv 
The Headless Miller of Kobold's Keep  • Irvin Ashkenazy • ss 
The Shadows • Henry S. Whitehead

1951 - N° 15
Couverture de J. Gama

A Man, a Maid, and Saturn's Temptation ["Flight on Titan"] • Stanley G. Weinbaum • nv 
Mommy • Mary Elizabeth Counselman • ss 
The Great Gizmo • Gilbert Wright • ss 
Gray Ghouls • Bassett Morgan • nv 
Venus • Maurice Baring • ss 
Ship-in-a-Bottle • P. Schuyler Miller • ss 
Up There [as by Martin Pearson] • Donald A. Wollheim • ss 
The Einstein See-Saw • Miles J. Breuer, M.D. • nv
In Amundsen's Tent • John Martin Leahy • ss
Ubbo-Sathla • Clark Ashton Smith • ss 
Kazam Collects [as by S. D. Gottesman] • C. M. Kornbluth

1951 - N° 16
Couverture de R. Crowl

The Black Kiss [*Michael Leigh] • Robert Bloch • 
Mr. Strenberry's Tale ["Doomsday"] • J. B. Priestley • ss 
The Man Who Lived Backward • Gelett Burgess  
Something From Above • Donald Wandrei • 
The Wax Doll [as by Ezra Putnam] • Greye La Spina • ss
The Forest of Lost Men • Beatrice Grimshaw • ss
The Place of Pain • M. P. Shiel • ss 
The River • L. Major Reynolds • ss
The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall • John Kendrick Bangs • ss 
The Hounds of Tindalos • Frank Belknap Long • ss 
The Picture • Francis Flagg

1951 - N° 17
Couverture de Barton

The Sapphire Siren ["The Sapphire Goddess"] • Nictzin Dyalhis • nv
Jack-in-the-Box • Ray Bradbury • ss 
The Noticeable Conduct of Professor Chadd [*Rupert Grant; *Basil Grant] • G. K. Chesterton
The Pink Caterpillar [*Fergus O'Breen] • Anthony Boucher • ss
The Phantom Dictator • Wallace West • ss 
Through the Gates of the Silver Key [*Randolph Carter] • H. P. Lovecraft & E. Hoffmann Price • nv 
The Bookshop • Nelson Bond • ss 
One-Man God • Frank Owen • ss
The Mystery of the Sargasso ["The Mystery of the Derelict"] • William Hope Hodgson

1952 - N° 18
Couverture ?

The Witch from Hell's Kitchen • Robert E. Howard 
The Devil in Hollywood • Dale Clark • ss 
The Watcher in the Green Room • Hugh B. Cave
A Victim of Higher Space [*John Silence] • Algernon Blackwood • ss 
Out of the Eons [ghost written by H. P. Lovecraft] • Hazel Heald • nv 
Just What Happened • Gelett Burgess • ss 
The Phantom Ship of Dirk Van Tromp • James Francis Dwyer • ss 
Amina • Edward Lucas White • ss 
The Haunted "Jarvee" [*Carnacki] • William Hope Hodgson

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