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Janvier 1935
Couverture de John Newton Howett

Music of the Damned · Francis James · nv
The Night the Devil Walked · Hal Field Leslie · ss
Mistress of the Beast · Arthur Leo Zagat · ss
Claimed by the Dead · John Tracey · ss
Men Without Blood · John H. Knox · ss
Village of Bones · Robert C. Blackmon · ss
Her Lover—Death! · Wyatt Blassingame · nv
Nightmare House · George A. Starbird · ss

Février 1935
Couverture de Rudolph W. Zim

By Night They Creep · Hugh B. Cave · na
Bride of the Sun God · H. M. Appel · ss
Mistress of Horror · Arthur Leo Zagat · nv
Satan’s Sweetheart · Monroe Karasik · ss
When Ghouls Come Seeking! · Ray Cummings · nv
Terror in the Dark · Arthur J. Burks · ss
Madman’s Circus · Paul Ernst · nv

Mars 1935
Couverture de Charles L. Wrenn

The Idol of Satan · H. M. Appel · ss
Where the Dead Dance Always! · Arthur J. Burks ·
The Dead Hunt the Living · Ernest M. Poate · ss
Honeymoon Curse · Norvell Page · nv
Nursery of Horror · Francis James · nv
A Soul for Sacrifice · Wyatt Blassingame · ss

Juin 1935
Couverture John Newton Howett

The Devil’s Sculptor · Arthur J. Burks · nv
I Belong to the Beast! · Robert Newman · ss
A Grave for the Living · George Edson · ss
The Tree That Bled · Paul Ernst · ss
Hospital of the Damned · Nat Schachner · nv
The Door to Doom · John Dixon Carr · ss
Master of the Purple Plague · Francis James · nv
Unholy Love · Raymond Whetstone · ss

Juillet 1935
Content de John Newton Howitt

Vault of the Damned · Nat Schachner · na
Death Wears My Face · Paul Ernst · ss
The Blood Moon · John H. Knox · nv
Woman-Monster · Ray Cummings · ss
When Men Died Screaming · Francis James · nv
The Well of Suicides · Spencer Whitney · ss
Dance of the Dead · Arthur J. Burks · nv

Août 1935
Content de john Newton Howitt

Brides for the Dead · Hugh B. Cave · nv
Nightmare Lake · H. M. Appel · ss
Death’s Dark Hallways · Francis James · nv
The Hungry Skull · Raymond Whetstone · ss
Mummies Breed Death · George Alden Edson · nv
Mistress of the Black Monk · James Duncan · nv
Hell Beneath the Streets · Wyatt Blassingame · nv

Septembre 1935
Couverture de John Newton Howett

Death Calls from the Madhouse · Hugh B. Cave · nv
The Devil’s Gift · Raymond Whetstone · ss
City of the Scarlet Plague · Nat Schachner · nv
Mother of Monsters · Roger Howard Norton · ss
The Living Flame · Robert Sidney Bowen · nv
The Bath of Blood · H. M. Appel · ss
Satan’s Lash · Arthur J. Burks · nv

Octobre 1935
Couverture de John Newton Howett

Things That Once Were Men • novelette by Wyatt Blassingame
The Man Who Lost His Soul • shortstory by Norvell W. Page
Dr. Midnight—Surgeon from Hell • novelette by Arthur Leo Zagat
Death Rocks the Cradle • novelette by John H. Knox
Imp of Satan • shortstory by Hugh B. Cave
Hand of the Beast • shortstory by Raymond Whetstone
Corpse Pirates • novelette by Arthur J. Burks
Priestess of Writhing Death • shortstory by Robert Newman [as by Roger Howard Norton ]

Novembre 1935
Couverture de John Newton Howitt

Born of the Beast · Wayne Rogers · nv  Dogs of Madness · Arthur J. Burks · ss
Ghouls Ride the Highway · Arthur Leo Zagat · nv
He Asked for Hell! · Paul Ernst · ss
Kiss of the Iron Maiden · Nat Schachner · nv
The Devil’s Forge · Evan Leigh · ss
When the Blood-God Ruled · John H. Knox ·Hell’s Actress · Conrad Kimball · ss

Décembre 1935
Couverture de John Newton Howett

 Master of Monsters • novelette by John H. Knox
Cobra's Mate • shortstory by Wayne Rogers
Slaves of the White Madness • novelette by Paul Ernst
Living Nightmare • shortstory by Arthur J. Burks [as by Spencer Whitney ]
Thirst of the Spider-Beast • novelette by Hal K. Wells
Blood for the Grain God • shortstory by Cyril Plunkett
I Am in Love With Pain! • novelette by Rex Parade
Murder Brides • novelette by Arthur J. Burks

Février - mars 1936
Couverture de John Newton Howett

A Lodging in Hell • novelette by Arthur Leo Zagat
Terror Works the Mine • shortstory by John B. Matthews
Death's Blood Stream • novelette by George Alden Edson
Bait for a Monster • shortstory by J. O. Quinliven
The Women Loved by Death • novelette by Arthur J. Burks
Love Comes from the Grave • shortstory by Wyatt Blassingame
Satan Stole My Face! • novelette by Wayne Rogers


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