Annιe 1942

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fantadv_4201.jpg (42384 octets)Janvier 1942
Couverture de H.W. McCauley

The Daughter of Genghis Khan • John York Cabot
The House of Fire • Robert Moore Williams 
Spook for Yourself • David Wright O'Brien • 
The Contract of Carson Carruthers • William P. McGivern • ss
V Is for Vengeance • Duncan Farnsworth • 
Rainbow of Death • Don Wilcox • nv

fantadv_4202.jpg (48807 octets)Fιvrier 1942
Couverture de Robert Fuqua & H.W.
Mc Cauley

Doorway to Hell [Part 1 of 2; by Raymond A. Palmer] • Frank Patton • na
The Lady and the Vampire [by William P. McGivern] • P. F. Costello • ss
Howie Lemp Meets an Enchantress • William P. McGivern • ss
The Living Manikins • David Wright O'Brien • nv
The Outsiders • Duncan Farnsworth • nv
Henry Horn's Racing Ray [*Henry Horn] • Dwight V. Swain • ss
The Tenant on the 13th Floor • John York Cabot • ss
Fate and the Fly • Robert Moore Williams • ss

fantadv_4203.jpg (50216 octets)Mars 1942
Couverturte de J. Allen St John

War on Venus [*Venus (Carson Napier et al)] • Edgar Rice Burroughs • na
The Electrical Butterflies • Ross Rocklynne 
Indian Lie Detector • Arthur Sherwood Wolters 
Later Than You Think • Henry Kuttner • ss
The Fantastic Twins • John York Cabot • ss
Afraid to Live • Duncan Farnsworth • ss
Doorway to Hell [Part 2 of 2; by Raymond A. Palmer] • Frank Patton • n

fantadv_4204.jpg (51823 octets)Avril 1942
Couverture de Malcolm Smith

Dwellers of the Deep • Don Wilcox • na
Crime Clean-Up in Center City • Robert Moore Williams • ss
Bull Moose of Babylon • Don Wilcox • na
The Eternal Priestess • Harold Lawlor • ss
Double in Death [by William P. McGivern] • Gerald Vance • ss
Oscar and the Talking Totems [*Oscar] • James Norman • nv
Hok Visits the Land of Legends [*Hok] • Manly Wade Wellman • na
Time Wounds All Heels [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch • ss
Bertie and the Black Arts • William P. McGivern • nv
The Legend of Mark Shayne • John York Cabot • ss

fantadv_4205.jpg (54024 octets)Mai 1942
Couverture de Malcolm Smith

Daughter of the Snake God • John York Cabot & William P. McGivern • na
Secret of the Golden Jaguar • Robert Moore Williams • nv
Holy City of Mars [*Don Warren] • Ralph Milne Farley & Al P. Nelson • na
Mr. Pym Makes a Deal • John Broome • ss
Gather 'Round the Flowing Bowler [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch • 
Mademoiselle Butterfly • Don Wilcox • nv
The Magic Flute • David V. Reed • ss
The Phantom Armada • Stanton A. Coblentz • ss
Brother Michel • Nelson S. Bond • ss
Mrs. Corter Makes Up Her Mind • August Derleth • ss
Return of Joan of Arc • David Wright O'Brien • ss

fantadv_4206.jpg (44518 octets)Juin 1942
Couverture de Malcolm Smith

The Giant from Jupiter [by William P. McGivern] • Gerald Vance & Bruce Dennis • nv
Cupid Takes a Holiday • Duncan Farnsworth • na
The Sun Doom • Stanton A. Coblentz • ss
Mr. Hibbard's Magic Hat • John York Cabot • ss
The Battle of Manetong • William P. McGivern •
The Incredible Mr. Kismet • David Wright O'Brien
The Pied Piper Fights the Gestapo [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch • ss
The Skin-Deep Beauty • Dwight V. Swain • ss
Tink Takes a Fling [*Tink] • William P. McGivern • ss
The Quest in Time • Edmond Hamilton • na
The Man Who Turned to Smoke • Don Wilcox • ss
Cassius Siddle's Great Illusion • Yale Kenny • ss
Ebbtide Jones on the Warpath [*Ebbtide Jones] • Miles Shelton • ss

fantadv_4207.jpg (52789 octets)Juillet 1942
Couverture de J. Allen St John

The Eagle Man • Don Wilcox • na
The Return of the Hun • William J. Brittain • 
The Weird Doom of Floyd Scrilch [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch • ss
The Traitor • Arthur T. Harris • ss
Vitality for Murder • Richard O. Lewis • ss
Safari to the Lost Ages • William P. McGivern • 
The Mystery of Shaft 13 • Robert Moore Williams
Men Are Fumble-Tongues, Says Science • Carter T. Wainwright • 
Duncan's Dreadful Doll [by William P. McGivern] • P. F. Costello • 
Hokum Hotel • David Wright O'Brien • nv
Men Scared of Nothing • E. K. Jarvis • ss
Headlines for Tod Shayne • August W. Derleth • ss

fantadv_4208.jpg (51665 octets)Aoϋt 1942
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jones

The Daughter of Thor • Edmond Hamilton • na
Tink Takes Command [*Tink] • William P. McGivern • 
The Mental Gangster • Thornton Ayre • ss
Mr. Ames' Devil • August W. Derleth • ss
Creegar Dares to Die • David Wright O'Brien • na
The Son of Death • Robert Moore Williams • na
The Luck of Enoch Higgins • Charles R. Tanner • 
The Little Man Who Wasn't All There [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch • ss
The Kid from Kalamazoo • Eric Frank Russell • nv

fantadv_4209.jpg (46885 octets)Septembre 1942
Couverture de H.W. McCauley et dessin original

Goddess of the Fifth Plane • William P. McGivern
Son of a Witch [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch 
The Scarlet Rollers • Stanton A. Coblentz • 
An Angel with Four Faces • Don Wilcox • na
The Deadly Yappers • Max Overton • nv
The Infinite Invasion • E. K. Jarvis • na
The Bottle Imp • Dwight V. Swain • nv
That Dreadful Night • John York Cabot • ss
Resurrection from Hell • David Wright O'Brien • ssOutcasts of Eternity • Polton Cross • nv
When Destiny Dealt [by William P. McGivern] • P. F. Costello • ss

fantadv_4210.jpg (50417 octets)Octobre 1942
Couverture de J. Allen St John

Mystery of the Lost Race • E. K. Jarvis • na
The Leopard Girl • Don Wilcox • na
Union in Gehenna • Nelson S. Bond • nv
Corporal Webber's Last Stand • Leroy Yerxa • ss
Double Trouble for Oscar [*Oscar] • James Norman • 
Jerk the Giant Killer [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch
The Devil's Lady • Clark South • nv; as by Dwight V. Swain on toc.
The Empress of Mars • Ross Rocklynne • nv 
Mr. Throop's Incredible Hand • Russell Storm • nv

fantadv_4211.jpg (40257 octets)Novembre 1942
Couverture de H.W. McCauley

When Freeman Shall Stand • Nelson S. Bond
The Golden Opportunity of Lefty Feep [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch • nv
Talu's Fan • John York Cabot • nv
The Picture of Death • William P. McGivern 
The Stygian Terror • Stanton A. Coblentz • 
Sharbeau's Startling Statue [by David Wright O'Brien] • Clee Garson • ss
The Tireless Leg [by William P. McGivern] • P. F. Costello • nv
Shayla's Garden • Dwight V. Swain • nv
Plot of Gold [by William P. McGivern] • Gerald Vance • ss

fantadv_4212.jpg (44256 octets)Dιcembre 1942
Couverture de H.W. McCauley

The Ghost That Haunted Hitler • William P. McGivern • 
Lost City of Burma • Edmond Hamilton • na
Long Remember • Dwight V. Swain • ss
Pegasus Plays Priorities • David Wright O'Brien • 
The Incredible Antique • Bruce Dennis • nv
Lefty Feep and the Sleepy-Time Gal [*Lefty Feep] • Robert Bloch • nv
The Outlaw Echo • Clark South • ss
Madagascar Ghost [by David Wright O'Brien] • Clee Garson • ss
Marlow's Malicious Mirror • John York Cabot • ss
The Manchu Coffin • Harold Lawlor • ss
Louie's Cat Eye • Leroy Yerxa • ss

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