Annιe 1941

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Janvier 1941
Couverture de H.W. McCauley
plus dessin original

The Floating Robot • David Wright O'Brien • na
The Dynamouse • William P. McGivern • nv
The Vanishing Witnesses • Ross Rocklynne • ss
The Golden Amazon Returns [*Golden Amazon (Violet Ray)] • Thornton Ayre • nv
Dr. Kelton—Body Snatcher • Richard O. Lewis • 
The Horse That Talked • Edmond Hamilton • nv

Mars 1941
Couverture de J. Allen St John

Slaves of the Fish Men [*Venus (Carson Napier et al)] • Edgar Rice Burroughs • na
Harnessing the Sahara • Jack West • ms
Death Walks in Washington [*Oscar] • James Norman • nv
The Thought Robot • John York Cabot • ss
Beyond the Time Door • David Wright O'Brien • 
Adopted Son of the Stars • William P. McGivern
Secret of the Stone Doll • Don Wilcox • nv
Twenty-Fifth Century Sherlock • Duncan Farnsworth • ss

Mai 1941
Couverture de Robert Fuqua

Land of the Shadow Dragons [*Invisible Robinhood] • Eando Binder • na
Three Eyes in the Dark • Don Wilcox • ss
The Masterful Mind of Mortimer Meek • William P. McGivern • na
Moons of Death • David V. Reed • nv
The Man Who Murdered Himself • Duncan Farnsworth • ss
The Machine from the Past • James Norman • ss
Mr. Duffy's Other Life • Arthur T. Harris • ss
If the Sun Turned Green • Lyle D. Gunn • vi 

Juin 1941
Couverture de H.W. McCauley

Onslaught of the Druid Girls • Ray Cummings • 
Wanderer of Little Land [*Little People] • Eando Binder • na
The Man Who Bought Mars • Polton Cross • nv
Amazons of a Weird Creation • Jep Powell • nv
Sidney, the Screwloose Robot • William P. McGivern • ss
Bill of Rights, 5000 A.D. • John York Cabot • 
It Can't Be Done • Guy Fauldes • ms

Juillet 1941
Couverture Allen St John & H.W. McCauley

Goddess of Fire [*Venus (Carson Napier et al)] • Edgar Rice Burroughs • na
Murdered—Yet Alive • Jep Powell • ss
Abner Schlap's Strange Insight • Arthur T. Harris
City of Lost Souls [*Don Warren] • Ralph Milne Farley & Al P. Nelson • nv
Three Terrible People • John York Cabot • nv
Robots Can't Lie • Robert Leslie Bellem • ss
Doorway of Vanishing Men • William P. McGivern • ss

Aoϋt 1941
Couverture de Rod Ruth

The Return of Circι • Nat Schachner • na
Problem on Mars • Duncan Farnsworth • ss
Mr. Murchison's Ghost • Robert Moore Williams • 
More About the Sun • P. F. Costello • ms
Secret League of Six • Don Wilcox • ss
Ebbtide Jones' Atom Constrictor [*Ebbtide Jones] • Miles Shelton • nv
Peter Fereny's Death Cell • William P. McGivern • 
Fantastic Playground • William P. McGivern • ms

Septembre 1941
Couverture de Robert Fuqua

The Liquid Man • C. B. Gilford • na; given as by Bernard C. Gilford.
Oscar Saves the Union [*Oscar] • James Norman 
Miracle at Dunkirk • John York Cabot • nv
Wilbury's Incredible Gadget [*Oscar Wilbury] • Donald Bern • ss
The Pulsating Planet • John Broome • nv
The Man Who Saw Through Time • Leonard Raphael • ss

Octobre 1941
Couverture de H.W. McCauley

The Earthquake Girl • Joseph J. Millard • na
Thunder Over Washington • William P. McGivern
Queen of the Living Puppets • Don Wilcox • nv
Tink Takes a Hand [*Tink] • William P. McGivern
The Perfect Hideout [by William P. McGivern] • P. F. Costello • ss
The Goddess of Love • Duncan Farnsworth • ss
The Truthful Liar • John York Cabot • ss

Novembre 1941
Couverture de J. Allen St John

The Living Dead [*Venus (Carson Napier et al)] • Edgar Rice Burroughs • na
Eight Who Came Back • Nat Schachner • nv
Al Addin and the Infra-Red Lamp • William P. McGivern • nv
The Man from the Future • Don Wilcox • ss
The Genius of Mr. Pry • Duncan Farnsworth • nv
Henry Horn's Super-Solvent [*Henry Horn] • Dwight V. Swain • ss

Dιcembre 1941
Couverture de Rod Ruth

Death Plays a Game • David V. Reed • na
Mr. Eee Conducts a Tour • Don Wilcox • nv
The Reformation of Joseph Reed • Robert Moore Williams • nv
The Beauty and the Beasties • David Wright O'Brien • nv
Rewbarb's Remarkable Radio • William P. McGivern • ss
People of the Pyramids [by William P. McGivern] • P. F. Costello • nv

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