Annιe 1947

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fantadv_4701.jpg (49518 octets)Janvier
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jones

Princess of the Sea • Don Wilcox • n.
I'll Dream of You [*Toffee] • Charles F. Myers • nv
The Puzzle of Extinction • Pete Bogg • ms
A Little Knowledge • H. B. Hickey • ss
Androcles and the Buccaneer • Geoffrey St. Reynard • ss
Death Wears a Rose • Alexander Blade • ss

fantadv_4703.jpg (44425 octets)Mars
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jone

Forever Is Too Long • Chester S. Geier • n.
You Can't Scare Me! [*Toffee] • Charles F. Myers 
Not as Plotted • Guy Archette • ss
Hickson's Strange Adventure • E. K. Jarvis • ss
Man of Two Worlds • Robert Moore Williams • nv
The Princess and Her Pig • Richard S. Shaver • ss

fantadv_4705.jpg (47936 octets)Mai
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jones

The Tale of the Red Dwarf [*Red Dwarf] • The Red Dwarf, as told to Richard S. Shaver • na
Meet My Mummy • Elroy Arno • nv
Painting of the Prophet • David Wright O'Brien • ss
When the Spirit Moves Me • Lee Francis • ss
Tomorrow and Tomorrow • Ray Bradbury • ss
The Emperor's Eye • Leroy Yerxa • nv
Shades of Henry Morgan • H. B. Hickey • nv

fantadv_4707.jpg (43238 octets)Juillet
Couverture de H.W. McCauley

Goddess of the Golden Flame • William P. McGivern • na
Toffee Takes a Trip [*Toffee] • Charles F. Myers 
The Male Woman • Jon Barry • ms
Peter Backs a Punch • C. A. Baldwin • na
Largo • Theodore Sturgeon • ss
Secret of the Yomar • Elroy Arno • nv
Carrion Crypt [by Leroy Yerxa] • Richard Casey • ss

fantadv_4709.jpg (56358 octets)Septembre
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jones

The Secret of Elena's Tomb • Karl Tanzler von Cosel • na
Come Along With Me • S. M. Tenneshaw • nv
The Mad Scientist • Robert Bloch • nv
Once to Die • John & Dorothy de Courcy • ss
The Children's Room • Raymond F. Jones • nv
The Shroud-Sewers • Berkeley Livingston • ss

fantadv_4710.jpg (49789 octets)Octobre
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jones

Witch of the Andes • Richard S. Shaver • na
...A Knotted String • Berkeley Livingston • nv
Mr. Beller and the Winged Horse • Geoff St. Reynard • na
The Hesitant Angel • Larry Sternig • ss
Photo Finish • H. B. Hickey • nv
Whenever the Sun Shines • Margaret St. Clair • 
High Ears • Rog Phillips • na

fantadv_4711.jpg (48822 octets)Novembre
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jones

The Lamp of Vengeance • Berkeley Livingston • 
Come Into My Garden • John & Dorothy de Courcy 
Time Out of Mind • Chester S. Geier • ss
Toffee Haunts a Ghost [*Toffee] • Charles F. Myers • na
The Miracle of Herbert Plunk • Richard Casey • ss
Hell Is a Circle • Lee Francis • ss

fantadv_4712.jpg (49179 octets)Dιcembre
Couverture de Robert Gibson Jones

Toka Fights the Big Cats [*Toka] • J. W. Pelkie • 
The Devil to Pay • John & Dorothy de Courcy • ss
The Hands of Ali Jinnah • Dwight V. Swain • nv
The Gift • Berkeley Livingston • nv
Perfume for a Princess • Elroy Arno • na
The Warder and the Wampum • Geoff St. Reynard • ss

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